20 Dec - 3 Jan £1320£1505£1692£1786£1880
4 Jan - 30 Mar£1190£1360£1530£1615£1700
31 Mar - 3 Jan 2024£1320£1505£1692£1786£1880

Booking conditions: The deposit must be paid by the guest and received by the host. The Guest Form will be issued by the host and must be completed by the guest in full and then returned to the host. The guest must agree to accept the hosts.

Terms & Conditions. Once the Guest Form has been received by the host, it will be reviewed and subject to the host’s discretion and written confirmation will then be approved. The host is not duty bound to accept the booking. 

The price displayed on the “Tariffs” page will prevail at all times. In the event any other price is offered through computer error or otherwise, the host reserves the right the offer the guest the stay at the correct price as set out in the Tariffs page or else cancel the booking with immediate effect.

The balance is payable 3 calendar months before the commencement of the guest’s stay. If the balance is not received on time and in full the host reserves the right to cancel the booking. 

Upon receipt of the balance, final details and directions will be sent to the guest. Deposits and balance payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Check the T&C’s for further details.